Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My first hike for photos

Today I loaded up my back pack with my tripod, that my Dad gave me a couple weeks ago. The same tripod he used to use! Also in the backpack was my new mono-pod, canon T3i, tele-photo lens, iPad and photo transfer tool.
I headed into Worcester to an area I new had some streams running to the reservoir. I found a couple different streams and snapped away.
I passed a sign for Cascade Falls on my way in, interest peeked, I headed back that way.
I was shocked to find a 100 foot falls in the middle of the city! I started hiking up, wow this was a steep climb! Once at the top I realized why the climb was so hard!
It was worth it though!


  1. Wow! What a gorgeous part of the country you live in!

  2. I was amazed to find such a beautiful natural creation in the middle of a city!

  3. Good job, Dave! Reminds me of the Pennsylvania woods!