Monday, April 8, 2013

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44 Things About Me

It is my birthday. I am taking my wife's advice and writing 44 things about me for my birthday blog.
1. My middle name is Paul
2. I love photography
3. I have 3 children. David 25, Danielle 20 and Will 7
4. My favorite food is Haddock
5. I am 6'1"
6. I clear a calculator 3 times when I am done before turning it off or starting a new calculation
7. I always carry a blistex in my left front pocket
8. I have a dog named Max
9. I have been an automotive technician
10. A service advisor
11. An assistant service manager
12. A service manager
13. A bagel maker
14. A police officer
15. My fist job was a gas station attendant at age 13
16. I have owned a business with Brad Faxon, PGA Tour Professional
17.  I write poetry
18. I've been divorced
19. I love golf
20. I want to own an eclectic coffee shop
21. I'm an introvert
22. I'm very good at math
23. I am afraid of heights
24. I've owned a landscaping business that was name Rooted in Pride
25. I'm allergic to bees
26. I love to cook
27. I love to work in my yard
28. I am slightly OCD
29. I make latte art - very amateur
30. I'm having a really hard time coming up with 44 things about me
31. I ski
32. I drive an Acura TL

Oh well I gave you 32 things about me. Leave me some comments with things about you.