Sunday, February 17, 2013

Customer service

I live in a customer service world. Or so I always thought! As I make my way around different businesses from grocery stores, to coffee joints, sports venues to restaurants I am continually amazed at the low level of service that is considered acceptable.

I had a redeeming experience recently at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA. I had originally learned to ski there back in 1980 (ish) and had not been back there to ski since 1987. I had attended many other events during the off season that are held there.

My 6 year old son and his 19 year old sister decided they wanted to learn how to snowboard. I will not go into the debacle I created when I scheduled the wrong lessons for them, but, let me say that this started my great experience with them.

Everyone that I encountered over the phone was gracious and willing to help. When I arrived at the mountain I was kindly directed to where I needed to go. The lessons were fantastic! We went inside after a while to get some lunch. Inside I was actually surprised to see Carolyn, one of the owners, carrying trays! Little did I know but that was one of the reasons the place runs so well!

Over the next couple of visits I met rental people, cafeteria workers, ski instructors, retail agents in the ski shop and a couple of maintenance workers scraping ice off the deck area, without a doubt the worst job to have that day! Everyone that I met was happy, willing to help, and represented their employer with class!

I contacted the office to get Carolyn's email to send her a detailed account of my great experiences and sent it along. I wanted her to know how great it was. You see I am in customer service myself, I know how difficult it is to maintain that smile all the time. I know that it is even harder to motivate your employees to have that smile all the time!

I was impressed and I hope to learn more about the secrets of this perpetual "smile" ! Thank you to all the employees of Wachusett Mountain!

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