Thursday, March 7, 2013

I did, Not I Couldn't

Did you ever have one of those moments in your life when something happens, or you see or hear something and it just smacks your view of things around? I've had them multiple times but for this writing it is about the most recent one.

I was skiing at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA. with my 6 year old son. He was snowboarding. As we approached the chair lift a skier with no legs in a specially designed ski chair went past us and into the line, there was an employee of Wachusett with him. My son looked up at me as if to say "did you see that?" and I nodded at him and I said "That is why I don't accept it when you tell me you can't do something."

Then as we waited behind them to board the chair, it happened, I had the thought of the times when I recently had said I couldn't do something! I couldn't go out and walk on my day off because it was raining, I couldn't eat better because of the hours I worked, I couldn't get out to take pictures because there was too much to do during the day, I couldn't, I couldn't I couldn't. I was disappointed with myself. I am a very positive person, I believe in myself! And I had let myself down.

I realized that day, quite swiftly, that I needed to step it up! I believe I let winter get me down and I have always refused to let anyone or anything but myself determine my mood. Starting to ski again after 25 years this year has been awesome! To be out on the mountain with my wife and son just made it sweeter. Skiing was one of the things I said "I couldn't" to earlier in the year!

My son and I have had a few walks in the woods since then. I've also said that I will hike Mt. Washington, and for the second time I've said it on the internet! 2013 will be a year of I did, not I Couldn't.

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