Thursday, March 21, 2013


There are few people in this world that know me, the real me. My wife Alyssa, Lys, is one of them. One day, after we had been married probably 3 years, I told her I always wanted to own a coffee shop. She was genuinely surprised, that creative slide of me she had only seen a glimpse of in poems I had written. Complicated some have called me, many would never guess I have an artistic side.

Not a breakfast diner type of place, but rather one of the eclectic type places where artists of all mediums hung out. A place you could go and hear some jazz or rock or poetry or see some great art or photography. I still hold that dream.

Just as the brook in the yard has slowly exposed the tangled roots below so to has my creative, artistic side been slowly exposed. I have discovered photography and truly enjoy it. I am learning, slowly, all I can about it. I created this blog initially to trace my journey in learning. It has become more than that.

I find that through the lens of the camera I can create emotion in a photograph. I enjoy that and I want that to be experienced by more people. Twitter is helping me spread the word about my blog and introducing my photographs to others.

I look forward to the day I can open the doors to my coffee shop, with my photographs, my wife's artwork and Twitter friends works all mixed together on the walls. A local jazz musician playing some smooth tunes and of course my camera in my hand to capture it all.

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